Avian Vocal Behavior: Pine Warblers

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Birds of many species in the wood-warbler family use their songs in especially interesting ways. For example, their songs fall into two categories, and the two kinds of songs are used in different contexts, vary over time and space in different ways, and have different functions in communication. However, although many species in the family share this two-tiered singing system, species differ in the sizes of their song repertoires, how the difference between the two categories is encoded, how song form varies within a population, how songs change over time, and so on. As part of an ongoing effort to characterize this variation among species, we are currently analyzing the songs and singing behavior of Pine Warblers (Setophaga pinus). We’re seeking a student to join the Pine Warbler project team. At this stage of the project, we are using sound analysis software to measure and assess recorded Pine Warbler songs. The job requires patience, reliability, meticulous attention to detail, and interest in birds and animal communication.

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Byers lab

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Bruce Byers

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