Control of Programmed Cell Death During Development and Pathogenesis

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Our lab discovered a new gene that encodes a novel survival protein, Acheron/LARP6, that protects terminally differentiated cells like muscles and neurons from cell death. It is also misregulated in certain cancers and functions to both protect cells from toxic insults like chemotherapy and enhance metastasis. We have found an isoform of this gene that encodes only a small portion of the protein that we believe will antagonize the action of the normal protein.

We have TWO POSITIONS AVAILABLE to study the role of this gene in: 1) normal cells (muscle stem cells); and 2) cancer cells (triple negative breast cancer). Students will perform a number of cell-based experiments with wild-type and engineered cell lines to examine: cell death, migration, invasion, differentiation, sensitivity to chemotherapeutics, etc..

These projects require motivated, independent students. Students will be expected to read primary literature, keep detailed research notes and present at lab meetings.

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The Schwartz lab (Biology)

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Professor Schwartz

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