Global Invaders Project

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Invasive species reduce biodiversity and are considered a major threat to ecosystems worldwide. Despite general knowledge of their widespread impacts, we still lack a consistent list of which species are invasive, where they have been studied, and what sorts of specific impacts have been identified. This information is critical for understanding the conditions that lead to invasion and informing effective monitoring and management. Students joining this project will have the opportunity to contribute to a multi-year effort in the Spatial Ecology Lab, which is compiling a comprehensive global database of invasive plants (“the Global Invaders Project”). Students will gain experience reading scientific literature in invasion ecology and will participate in weekly lab group meetings to learn about cutting edge research on invasive plants.

Duties/Qualifications: For the Spring 2018 semester, we seek up to 4 students to join our ongoing project. Duties will include reading peer-reviewed literature and extracting information outlined in an existing database. No previous experience is needed, but good organization skills and attention to detail are important.

Students participating in this project will gain experience in efficiently reviewing scientific literature, as well as data collection – skills that are invaluable for those looking to continue scientific research beyond their undergraduate academic career. Participants will also acquire knowledge in invasive species ecology. Students are also encouraged to attend weekly lab discussions to learn more about ongoing research projects.

Contact Information: Interested students should email a transcript (unofficial), resume and a brief description of why they are interested in the project (<100 words) to Brittany Laginhas (email provided below).

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The Bradley Spatial Ecology Lab

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Brittany Laginhas (PhD student)

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