A student-run organic vineyard on campus: getting involved in set up

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There is a growing awareness of the possibilities of viticulture in cool climates thanks to newly bred varieties adapted to the New England local conditions. These new varieties are much more resilient to the sudden climate variations that we are now experimenting due to global climate changes. Because of this new opportunity, an increasing number of small, family-run vineyards has been opening in New England. New courses of viticulture that we have developed emphasize in particular the challenges and opportunities of the growing local cold climate industry and small-scale vineyards. The two courses teach the principles and practices governing the establishment and management of a sustainable vineyard. Hands-on activities include the involvement of the students in the student-run organic vineyard project at the Agricultural Learning Center at UMass. We started building the vineyard last fall (posts are in) but we need help with taking care of new plants, set up of trellising system, testing diverse treatments of cover crops and planting a different varieties of grapes...
The potential student should be interested in learning how to set up an organic vineyard! We will need help mainly after Spring Break.
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