This is a paid position

Assistant in Biological Chemistry Laboratory

WORK STUDY ONLY. We are seeking a student with a Work Study Award to work as a technician in our lab. This person will clean, autoclave and sterilize glassware and waste, pour gels for electrophoresis, prepare plates and liquid for bacterial culture and generally assist around the laboratory. The pay rate is $9-10/hour depending on experience. PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU HAVE A WORK STUDY AWARD. This is an excellent inroads to laboratory work. We will train the selected student, but experience with any of these techniques is a plus.

Armored scale insects: DNA and microscope slide preparation

Our laboratory uses DNA sequences and morphological characters to investigate the diversity, evolution and ecology of armored scale insects (class Insecta: order Hemiptera: family Diaspididae), especially in tropical rainforests. Paid lab assistantships are available for students to prepare DNA and microscope slide mounts from individual armored scale insect specimens. For advanced students, independent research projects are also possible.

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