Digital Photo processing for 3D work

The Digital Life team, lead by Professor Duncan Irschick, is looking for a dedicated undergraduate to work with photo processing and 3D modelling of various organisms as part of the broader digital life team (look at for more on the project). The undergraduate would be expected to work with the team on organizing photos, creating and organizing 3D models, and once proper training has occurred, on working with some live organisms to create 3D models.

Understanding snake-like body forms with 3D modelling

The Irschick lab at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst is looking for an undergraduate to continue our work on the evolution of snake-like body forms, such as found in skinks and other similar animals. This work is part of a broader NSF-funded project to examine the evolution of Philippine skinks and the general snake-like body form they use. The student will also be looking at larger snake-like forms, such as from larger snakes.

Avian Bioacoustics - Urban noise and bird song.

Noise affects how birds communicate. Conservation biologists have become interested in how anthropogenic noise may impact behavior and physiology, which in turn may impact population dynamics, evolution of behavior, and community structure. This project is investigating how nightingales and other species of European birds respond to anthropogenic noise. The investigation focuses on how noise might change the acoustic characteristics of songs.


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