What we do

Research Overview

Microbiome research is among the most exciting and promising areas of science today due to many technological advances that allow us to determine in complex environments which microbes are present and their metabolism. Our laboratory’s primary long-term research goal is to contribute to the understanding of microbial communities and their evolution by developing and applying genome-based technology. Working in the fields of evolutionary biology and climate change, we are sensitive to how scientific results can be difficult to reconcile with our belief systems and seek to increase public understanding of scientific data. Our research is currently supported by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and New England BioLabs. More....

Lab News

* Connecting Point WGBY TV Giant Virus found in Petersham Forest/a>

* NEPR piece on Giant Virus Discovery In Western Mass. Forest May Further Study Of Biodiversity

* Boston Globe article on the discovery of giant viruses at Harvard Forest

* Our manuscript on the discovery of giant viruses at Harvard Forest is out - https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-07335-2

* Both William and Lauren were awarded travel grants for ISME 2018 in Leipzig, Germany

* Congratulations to Lauren on receiving a $3,000 Dissertation Fieldwork Grant!

* Jeff will be presenting the lab's research at the Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics Gordon Research Conference

* Lauren's talk at the 2017 DOE JGI Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting