Kunkel & Faszewski, Biol. Bull. (1995)

3-D Proton Flux about a Biological Source.

The follicles of the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana were used in this first demonstration of a 3-dimensional pattern of ion flux about a living tissue. Previously the 3-D pattern of flux had to be intuited. This study actually measured the 3-D vectors of flux in a 3-D array of locations using the newly revised software 3DVIS developed at the NVP Facility. The new software was based on the extant DVIS software and extended it to making measurements in 3-D arrays which were archived as rectangular matrices which could easily be used by available graphics packages. The preliminary results, published as a short report in Biol. Bull. 189:197-198, use the 3-D mesh plot of MATLAB. This is not a true 3-D representation of the data since only two spatial coordinates can be plotted, with the third dimension reserved for the measured quantity (ÁV or flux). But more recently the investigators have adapted the program KINEMAGE to plot the vector data in true 3-space. KINEMAGE also allows the data to be rotated in real time and viewed sterioscopicly in virtual 3-D.

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