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THe pursuit of the Kunkel Lab objective "biological patterns in space and time", requires an improved method of visualization.  Idealy, one would like 3-D motion graphics capabilities.  One recent improvement has allowed a reasonable approach to exhibiting 3-D data sets in stereo with time progression capabilities.  It is the Kinemage Project of David and Jane Richardson which focuses on 3-D protein structure, including its kinetic plotting.

The Kunkel Lab has concentrated on adapting the Kinemage approach to non-molecular applications.  This was stimulated by the publication by the Richardsons of a '.kin' file in which the concept of a bucky-ball is used to construct an image of a capitol building.  Other 3-D molecule plotting software such as Chime and Rasmol are wedded to molecular dimensions and do a good job of plotting for molecular biologists but these plotting programs can not be used for plotting non-molecular 3-D data.  Here are some links to our attempts to help others and ourselves to plot 3-D information:

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Created: 2000/04/07   Revised: 2003/09/25
by JG Kunkel