The Oo!-Oh!-Site

The oocyte is an organism's link to the next generation. This WWW site will highlight the research on oocytes in the Kunkel Lab and relate it to the numerous unanswered questions about oocyte physiology and development.

Quick Entree into Kunkel Lab Links on Oocytes

Calmodulin in oocyte development
Cod fish maturation, a CMER funded project
Winter flounder yolk utilization a CMER funded project
Stereo view of ionic currents about cockroach ovarian follicle

Oocytes are a unifying principle in all metazoans. Since they are an obligate stage and bottleneck in metazoan development, the solutions developed eons ago have been conserved in the surviving life forms. Among these conserved processes, the Kunkel Lab has focused on three key phenomena: (1) Vitellogenesis. (2) Calcium metabolism. (3) Follicle polarity and ion movement.

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