PC Programs to Supplement J. G. Kunkel's Publications

Welcome to the JGK Program download area The files available here are available for personal use by individuals. No sale or modification for resale of these files is permitted. All files are copywritten and sale of these files in original or modified form is prohibited. Contact Joseph G. Kunkel for any permission to use these files in commercial or published form.
Files are date-stamped to show the date they were released.
HOW TO DOWNLOAD PROGRAM FILES: All programs are for IBM PCs or compatibles and are compressed in '.zip' format. Use PKUNZIP or WINZIP to unzip these files once you have downloaded them into a directory on your system. From a WWW browser with capture capabilities simply chose a highlit file for transfer, read and precautionary README files and use your 'file-save' option to save the item to an appropriate local directory. * * * While the KINEMAGE SOFTWARE are available in Macintosh form I provide only the PC version here. The latest version of Kinemage (Mage_4_2.exe) is available here for PC (one version fits all Win 3.2, Win95 Win NT) and elsewhere for Unix or Mac. Beware, older versions of Mage available at some sites do not have all the features of the newer version and will not run kin scripts which have features like @ballists which allows defining different sized spheres in space. * * * The PLANNAR SOFTWARE set is available only for PC DOS operating systems. However the DOS version works perfectly well in a Win 95 or Win NT DOS window. ======================================================== send e-mail to joe@bio.umass.edu with questions ======================================================== 9/27/96 jgk
kinemage.zip Jan. 1996
README Sept. 1996