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Blattella Husbandry Pix and Links:

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Roach Hi-Rise

B. germanica dish starts with 4 oothecae worth (160) 1st instar nymphs ... ends with about 140 adults

B. germanica calico

B. germanica calico III->IV molt

B. germanica strains

B. germanica strains with key

Sexing B. germanica

B. germanica gynandromorph dorsal | 2 | ventral

Periplaneta scat using gorse seed as a size reference.

B. germanica JH treated as nymphs so that they molt with reduced wings and larval melanization.

B. germanica JH treated b

B. germanica Heart and Pericardium

B. germanica Pericardial Cell EM

B. germanica fat body with Mycetocytes that house bacteroides, which supply almost all essential a.a. and vitamins to the host cockroach.

B. germanica rat-chow vs 80%CHO diet fat bodies produces fat body without stored urate!

B. germanica 80%CHO diet vs rat-chow fat bodies produces fat body without stored urate!

B. germanica ovarian bacteroids which pass on to the oocyte surface the bacteroids of the next generation.

B. germanica oocyte vitteline membrane covers the oocyte and the bacteroids for the next generation.

B. germanica bristle with canal and 4 neurites from sensory cells serving this bristle.

B. germanica bristle canal with 2 large neurite plasma membranes and included microtubules.

B. germanica neurite in a canal inside the canal producing cell surrounded by a collar cell.

B. germanica dermal gland secretion into canal.

B. germanica cuticle gland canal opening replica

B. germanica: 3 cuticle gland canal opening replicas

B. germanica: cuticle gland canal X-section

B. germanica: gland-cell to canal-cell connection

B. germanica: gland secretory granules.

B. germanica processing of Vitellogenin (vg) into vitellin (Vt) peptides

B. germanica patent follicle cell layer actin stain

Zhang & Kunkel (1992) fix 12: B. germanica follicle cell actin in sarcomeres.

Zhang & Kunkel (1992) fix 23: B. germanica follicle cell development.

Blattella D.

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