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I’m Aaron Grade (, a PhD student in Dr. Paige Warren’s lab. We are an urban ecology lab based in the Department of Environmental Conservation. I am seeking laboratory technicians in Fall 2017 for an avian urban ecology study. There is the potential to continue working for the project into the Spring semester as well. My study is focused on the effects of perceived predation risk on House Wren nesting biology on an urban-to-rural gradient. During our summer field seasons, we monitor House Wren nests in nest boxes on private homeowner lands. We work in collaboration with Neighborhood Nestwatch Springfield, administered by the Smithsonian and U.S. Forest Service. We conduct avian, small mammal, and habitat surveys, monitor nests, and measure House Wren eggs and nestlings. We are now seeking undergraduate technicians to aid in mammal camera data entry, videography data entry, and data management. Positions can be either for credit or on a volunteer basis.

Bird Nestling Videography Technician – 2 credits (6 hours/wk)
(2 positions available)

Description: Videography technicians will be responsible for watching behavioral videos of House Wren adults feeding nestlings, and will be “scoring” (entering) behaviors using the program JWatcher. In addition, students may aid in miscellaneous data management tasks. Undergraduates applying for this position MUST be responsible, careful, observant, detail oriented, and hard-working. No prior research experience is required, but preference will be given to undergraduates who have had experience in bird identification, and/or animal behavior (e.g., taken an ornithology or animal behavior course). Technicians will have the opportunity to learn the basis of behavioral observation and videography methods, bird behavior, bird identification, and basic principles of scientific data organization. This is a 6 hour per week (i.e., 2 credit) position. Students MUST have at least 6 hours of availability (preferably in at least 2 hour blocks) between TUESDAY– FRIDAY AND between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Note, there are other positions available on this project, which will be posted, and include: Data Management Lab Technicians (1 credit, 3 hrs/wk, 1 position available), and Mammal Camera Lab Technician (2 credits, 6 hrs/wk, 6 positions available).

To apply: Please e-mail a cover-letter outlining interests and previous experience, along with a CV/Resume with relevant experience to

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The Warren Lab

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Aaron Grade

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