Grading Policy
Immunology Lab, Microbiology 542 [Home]

Your grade will be based on your total numeric score for the semester, which will be made up approximately as follows. (Minor adjustments may be made depending, for example, on the number of quizzes actually given.)

  Quizzes          100
  FC Plan          100
  FC Report        200
  Ig Report        300
  Lab Notebook     125 (includes ELISA results & interpretation)
  Participation     50
  Final Exam       125
  Semester Total  1000

Several unannounced quizzes will ge given during the semester.

Participation score. 5% of your semester score will be a "participation score" based on your preparation, attitude, focus, and participation. At the end of the semester, Drs. Martz and Baldwin will determine your participation score, taking into account the recommendations of the TA's.

Letter grades will be assigned only at the end of the semester by Drs. Martz and Baldwin based on the total numeric scores. Typically, about half of the class earns grades of A, two thirds of the class earns B or better, and a few students may earn lower grades. There was one C in 2002. There was one CD in 2001. There was one F in 1997, and then none until again one F in 2002. These historic grade distributions are not guaranteed in the present year.

As each assignment is scored during the semester, the class score distribution will be published. This will serve as a guide to how well you are doing.

After the letter grade is assigned based on your cumulative score, any tardiness or unexcused absences will then be taken into account and may reduce your letter grade.