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Microbiology 542: Immunology Laboratory
See also Immunology (Microbiology 540).

Dept Microbiology / Biological Sciences / University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Spring 2003 Class Information

Eric Martz, Lab Morrill IVN 10 (577-3103), Office Fernald 209 (545-2325).
Cynthia L. Baldwin, 545-3167/545-5543, Paige Hall (Dept. Vet. Animal Sci.)
Teaching Assistants:
Joy Ward,, 545-1936, Morrill IVN 310 (Pomposiello Lab)
Chiranjeev Dash,, 545-2326, Fernald 209 (Martz Ofc.)
Aihong Zhang,, 545-4567, Marcus 201 (Computer Engineering)

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542 Class Web Resources


3D Protein Structure Visualization and Evolution for 542
Antibody and MHC are featured in computer graphic tutorials at the Chime Resources section of the Molecular Visualization Freeware (formerly "RasMol") Home Page.

UMass Animal Care Office. See the FAQ for questions such as "Who is responsible? Why must animals be used? Why aren't alternatives used? How often are animals fed, cleaned, checked? Where do the animals live? How do investigators get approval to use animals? Are dogs and cats used on the UMass campus?"
Questions People Ask About Animals in Research with answers from The American Physiological Society. Information about research vs. animal rights: Americans for Medical Progress.

The BALB/c inbred mouse, information from the international source, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor ME US.

The Microscopy Primer (Florida State U). A huge site where you can easily get lost, but for our course, see especially these interactive simulations:
Ocular adjustments
Achieving Koehler illumination
Condenser aperture diaphragm contrast/resolution tradeoff Part I and Part II.
Blood Leukocytes; Histology of Immunopathology.
Photomicrographs of human blood leukocytes
courtesy Sherri Wick, U Nebraska Omaha

Fluorescence fundamentals.
Flow Cytometry Experiments, Software , and Results
- Dot Plots and Histograms

SEM: Free Software Download!

1997 Revised Guidelines for Performing CD4+ T-Cell Determinations in Persons Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Spectrophotometry, Dilutions, Accuracy and Precision

ELISA for Rabbit IgG;   Materials

Quantitative Recoveries for IgG Purification/Fragmentation

Information for TA's

Immunology Laboratory (Microbiology 542) owes a permanent debt of gratitude to A. Bruce MacDonald, Head of the Microbiology Department from 1978-1994. Bruce designed the antibody purification and fragmentation exercises in this course, and taught the course from 1978 until his untimely death in 1997. Bruce's knowledge of and enthusiasm for immunochemistry will be missed.

Francis J. DeToma and A. Bruce MacDonald, Experimental Immunology. A Guidebook. MacMillan Publishing Co., NY, 1987.

On-Line Immunology Resources
p53, a tumor suppressor molecule studied in Barbara Osborne's lab at UMass.
(From 1tup.pdb by Cho et al.)

Worldwide Immunology Resources. Includes links to societies, organizations, on-line journals, funding agencies, antibody resources, the DNA vaccine web, etc. etc.

Immunology at UMass

Poison Ivy: an exaggerated immune response to nothing much.

Immunology textbooks.