2003 Immunology Lab Syllabus -- Microbiology 542
Eric Martz, emartz@microbio.umass.edu, Lab: Morrill IVN10, 577-3103 - Ofc: Fernald 209, 545-2325.
Cynthia Baldwin, cbaldwin@vasci.umass.edu, Ofc: Paige, 545-3167 - Lab: Paige, 545-5543.
Tues/Thurs 2:30-5:30 Morrill IV North 301
Computer Lab: Chemistry Resource Center, Goessman 152
Class Website: www.bio.umass.edu/immunology/mic542hp.html
Revised February 7, 2003.

Date     Topic                                               

Tu 1/28 Introduction, safety, space assignment
          (CI = Cellular Immunology)
Th 1/30 CI1: Microscope alignment, cell counts, uncertainty

Tu 2/4  FC1: Flow cytometry (FC): intro, planning assignment
Th 2/6  BI1: 3D Visualization of ImmunoMolecules - Goessman CRC

        Tuesday 2/11:  FC Plan Due                        
Tu 2/11 BI2: Evolution of ImmunoMolecules - Goessman CRC
        (BI = BioInformatics)
Th 2/13 CI3: Mouse lymphoid system diss., lymphocyte prep.

[Tu 2/18 = Monday class schedule]
Th 2/20 CI2: Blood leukocytes, lymphoid histology, immunopathology

Tu 2/25 FC2: Cell staining
Th 2/27 FC3: Data acquisition; QUIZ

Tu 3/4  Ig3: Spectrophotometry: A280 std curve; pipeting; uncertainty 
Th 3/6  FC4: Computer data analysis - Goessman CRC

Tu 3/11 FC5: Computer data analysis - Goessman CRC
Th 3/13 FC6: Computer data comparisons, reports - Goessman CRC

[3/18, 3/20 = Spring Break]

Tu 3/25 Ig1: Immunoglobulin (Ig): salt precipitation
Th 3/27 Ig2: Purification on DEAE columns

        Tuesday 4/1 FC Report Due                  
Tu 4/1  Ig4: DEAE fractions: A280, pooling, concentration               
Th 4/3  Ig5: Fragmentation by pepsin

Tu 4/8  Ig6: Sephadex G150: pour columns, determine void volume
Th 4/10 Ig7: Sephadex G150 purif of F(ab')2: run, pool fxns & SDS       

Tu 4/15 Ig8: Pour polyacrylamide gels (PAGE)                            
Th 4/17 Ig9: Run, stain, and blot PAGE                                  

Tu 4/22 Ig10: Develop western blots
Th 4/24 Ig11: Analyze gel results, work on reports

        Tuesday 4/29: Ig Report Due          
Tu 4/29 ELISA1: theory and planning                      
Th 5/1  Antibodies: a clinical perspective 

Tu 5/6  ELISA2: standard curve                                        
Th 5/8  ELISA3: unknowns, data analysis                               

Tu 5/13 ELISA4: unknowns, data analysis
        Thursday 5/15: Lab Notebooks Due       

Day/time to be announced:
                *** FINAL EXAMINATION ***
 Guest instructor Chester Andrzejewski, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director,
Transfusion Medicine Service, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield MA.