Jumping spider visual behavior

Project Description : 

In this project, you will help us learn how spiders react to different visual stimuli. You'll be working with jumping spiders, which have eight eyes that provide them with acute vision. We are interested in how their vision is "primed" by other sensory input—when they hear wasp sounds, for example, are they more likely to react to visual images of wasps? Your project will involve putting spiders in arenas and recording their behavior to videos when they are primed with different sounds. To succeed in this project, you must be patient and not fidgety (spiders are very attuned to movement), able to work on your own, and able to learn quickly how to manage video input and computer files on Macs. This is not the place to overcome your phobia of spiders. We'll ask you to commit at least 6 hours per week (2 credit hours), in time blocks of at least 2 hours. You'll attend lab meeting and read some papers, and spend some time in shared spider maintenance. It would be helpful if you have already undergone Lab Safety Training.

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Jakob Spider Lab

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Professor Beth Jakob

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http://ejakob.popslice.com (in revision)