Molecular genetic mechanisms of host-microbe mutualism

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The Wang Lab, located in the Life Science Laboratories, is interested in the mechanisms of beneficial host-microbe interactions. Our experimental system is the symbiosis between legumes and nitrogen-fixing rhizobia, with important economic and environmental relevance, as well as similarities to pathogenic interactions. The BURA student will be engaged in dissecting the genetic basis of the nitrogen-fixing symbiosis, in particular characterizing the defects in host mutants unable to sustain a successful symbiotic relationship.

The lab has worked with many undergraduate researchers. Accomplishments by current and former undergraduate students include UMass Rising Researcher, university and national fellowships, Goldwater scholar nomination, admissions to graduate schools at UNC Chapel Hill, UC Davis, UC San Francisco, as well as authorship in publications such as PNAS.

The applicant should have a strong academic record. Prior experimental skills and genetic knowledge are a plus. This is not a one-time, short-term appointment. Long-term commitment to the project (through graduation) is expected. STUDENTS WHO APPLIED IN PREVIOUS ROUNDS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY again. We are always looking for talented students; every round of recruitment brings new opportunities. Members of the Commonwealth Honors College will be eligible for research-based fellowships.

Students must apply through the BURA website, but are welcome to contact me ( before January 8.

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Dong Wang

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Dong Wang

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