Conservation ecology of the endangered Puritan Tiger Beetle 1: field study

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Conservation for all threatened and endangered North American tiger beetle species depends on an understanding of their population dynamics. Ecological life tables are a central tool for the study of population dnyamics; and the similarity of tiger beetle life-histories would make a life-table developed for one species applicable to all species - yet this has never been developed.

This project will develop methods & applications for the first life table for any North American tiger beetle, using endangered & common species native to the Connecticut River. The life table will include monitoring of captive-reared larvae previously reintroduced in 2017, and larvae to be reintroduced throughout 2018. The student will work under the guidance of Dr. Joseph Elkinton, and in collaboration with the US Fish & wildlife service & various state agencies as part of an ongoing, and large-scale conservation effort for the endangered Puritan Tiger Beetle (Ellipsoptera puritana).

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Joe Elkitnon

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