Biosynthesis of plant natural products and their applications

Our lab is interested in unravelling how natural products are biosynthesized in various crop species and medicinal plants.

Plants produce an array of chemicals for adaptation to their ecological environment. These specialized metabolites have been adapted for use as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Our research includes identification and biochemical functional characterization of the enzymes to decipher biosynthetic pathways of interest (with a focus on terpenes) and incorporation of protein engineering to understand the mechanistic basis of enzymes of interest.

Probing the propensity of soil bacteria for couch-potatohood

The DeAngelis lab is looking for two students to help with a project looking at what makes soil bacteria decide to behave like slobs rather than lean mean growing machines. Students will measure optical density and carbon dioxide concentrations, in addition to preparing growth media. Students should be reliable and conscientious workers, show attention to detail even when faced with repetitive tasks, able to follow instructions, have neat handwriting, and work at a reasonable pace.

Adventures in root growth

I am looking for a motivated undergraduate to help us with our experiments on the growth of plant roots. For the moment, tasks will be physiologically based, measuring elongation rate, root diameter, and some other parameters. Some methods will use basic light microscopy. Molecular experiments are likely, in the future. Some work managing plant growth and seed harvet to maintain our lines will also be involved. As the student gains experience in the lab, they will get to take on their own project. Previous lab work is not necessary.

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