Spider perception

Our lab is engaged in several projects on spider perception. Students will be assigned to particular projects based on their skills and interests. At the start of the semester, we will spend a lot of time in the field collecting spiders for use in projects later in the semester. Projects include: (1) How spiders explore visual stimuli with their principal eyes. The principal eyes of jumping spiders are moveable, and we can track their movements with a specialized eyetracker. We are testing several species and their responses to various stimuli, including videos of courting male spiders.

Sleep Dependent Changes in Procedural Memory Consolidation Across Aging

During sleep, memory for procedural tasks is consolidated and leads to performance improvements in younger adults, however this improvement is lacking in older adults. This experiment investigates functional differences in task related brain activity before and after a nap or wake in order to determine differences between young and older adults during sleep dependent consolidation of procedural memory.

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