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Past Lab-Members Scrapbook

Dexian Luo
Postdoc. Worked on cellulose synthesis and growth anisotropy. Currently postdocking in Gent.

Derui Liu
Postdoc, Studied cellulose synthesis in collaboration with Lori Goldner (UMass Physics). Now a postdoc in Gent.

Xiaoli Yang
Ph. D. Student. Characterized root growth kinematically as a function of temperature. Supervised in China by Prof. Guohua Mi at NongDa. Now enjoying Sichuan spice.

Wenfei Wang
Postdoc, brachy mutants. Now running a mass speck unit in Fuzhou, China

Heidi Rutschow
Postdoc. Worked on permeability of plasmodesmata in the root and auxin transport, in collaboration with Eric Kramer. Now lecturing at Humbolt State in California.

Karen Sanguinet
Postdoc, brachy pioneer. Now faculty at Washington State Pullman

Wenjuan Fang
Postdoc. Worked magic on cell culture and protoplasts. Now experiencing real winters in Fargo North Dakota

Kevin Hines
Undergraduate - worked with Karen Sanguinet on cellulose synthesis

Michael Urbanowski
Undergraduate turned Masters Student - worked on pH of the BY-2 Cytoplasm. Now a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD

Alex Mojcher
Undergraduate - worked with Karen Osmont on the brachypodium project

Katie Sageman
Undergraduate - worked with Heidi Rutschow on plasmodesmata permeability and auxin transport in arabidopsis
Takahiro Hamada
Post-Doc- Now working in the Nishimura Lab at Kyoto University in Japan on microtubule associated proteins in plants
Alex Cobb
Postdoc - Worked on twisting growth in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. Alex is now working in Singapore as a post-Doctoral Associate at the Center for Environmental Sensing and Monitoring, a creation of the Singapore -MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)

Alex Bannigan
Postdoc - Worked on mitosis in mutant rsw7 and microtubule mutant rsw6. She is now working as a lecturer and Director of Microscopy at James Madison University.

Shuang Wu
Ph.D student - Worked on mutant rsw4. He is now working as a post-Doc at the University of Pennsylvania in the Gallagher Lab.
Waheeda Sulaman:
Computer whizz - now in Houston, Texas. Worked on Rootflow software at UMass

Gang Dong
Postdoc - Worked on Rootflow software.


Abidur Rahman
Postdoc - worked on auxin response pathways and cloning the stp1 gene. Now Faculty at Cryobiofrontier Research Center, Iwate University, Ueda, Japan.


Jan Judy-March:
The fastest draw in the Midwest


Gerrit Beemster (with daughter)
Originally from The Netherlands.
Worked on Kinematics.
Now faculty at the University of Gent


Corine van der Weele
Ph.D student, originally from Zeeland (the old one), now postdocking at University of Maryland.
Worked on stress of the water kind.


Mayandi Sivaguru, "Shiv"
Postdoc, originally from Madurai, India; worked on Aluminium.
Now helping to run MU's light microscopy core facility.


Guo-Wei Tian
Postdoc, originally from Harbin, China; worked on cortical microtubules in vitro.
Now postdocking at Cold Spring Harbor, NY.


Francoise Marga
Post-doc, originally from Lille, France
Worked on cell wall ultrastructure.
Now in Physics at MU


Rashida Wilson
MU undergrad, from Cape Girardeau,
studied swollen roots


Cynde Harger
MU Undergrad and serious Rugby fan;
did high resolution growth analysis

Deepa Srikanta
MU undergrad and DNA extractor
Geetha Sivaguru
Postdoc, originally from India, worked on water stress

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