Butterfly Walks established by Joe Kunkel

Fig. 1. Route of Amherst Butterfly Walk, established 1997, taken by JG Kunkel routinely about thirty times a year. The route takes approximately 45 min on days of minimal sightings. Recording and confirming observations often adds 15-20 min. to the transect.   Having started in July 1997, I have now collected several years of data. I now provide a table of census statistics on my observations.  Beware that since I was learning the identities of some groups during this process, I have had to leave some observations without definite identification to the species level. The following pictures are meant as voucher specimens to identify the species counted but some rise to the level of worthy of reproduction. The individual digital images are available in larger format (including surrounding vegetation) from the author. Email: joe@bio.umass.edu

Fig. 2. Route of Scarborough Maine Butterfly Walk, established 2005, taken by JG Kunkel routinely/hopefully about 26 times a year. The walk starts in the parking lot of the Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary which is located on Pinepoint Rd (Rt 9) in Scarborough ME.

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