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  • Accepted MS C Dedic; TS Hung; AM Shipley; A Maeda; T Gardella; AL Miller; P Divieti Pajevic; JG Kunkel; A Rubinacci. Calcium fluxes at the bone/plasma interface: acute effects of parathyroid hormone (PTH) and targeted deletion of PTH/PTH-related peptide (PTHrP) receptor in the osteocytes. {accepted by Bone July 24, 2018}.
  • Jacky Hung, Sarah Webb, Carla Palumbo, Agnieszka Lesniak, Alan Shipley, Alessandro Rubinacci, Joseph Kunkel, and Andrew Miller. (2018). "Zebrafish scales play a role in the short-term homeostatic regulation of ECF Ca2+ levels". Journal of General Physiology. {submitted}


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    6. PDF Jennie Warrell in lab of Joe Kunkel. (2014) Landmark Analysis of Dragonfly Hindwings: A 2dimensional model for morphological evolution. Poster in 15th Annual Student Research and Scholarship Symposium, UNE May 2 2014.
    7. Poster Abstract Joseph G. Kunkel. (2014) An Acidic Bottom Feature associated with Wilkinson's Basin in the Gulf of Maine. RARGOM Meeting, Boston University, Sept 30, 2014.
    8. Meeting Abstract Miller AL, JT Hung, A Rubinacci, JG Kunkel, AM Shipley, PD Pajevic, CH Angus, SE Webb. (2014). The Zebrafish Scale: A Model for studying the molecular regulation of Mammalian Bone/Plasma Ca2+ Exchange, The Immediate Bone Wounding Response, and Bone Regeneration and Repair. CSH Asia Conference, 2014 Bone & Cartilage: from Development to Human Diseases, Suzhou, China, November 3-7, 2014
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    11. PDF Poster Kari L Lavalli, Joseph G Kunkel & Ehud Spanier. (2016). The Mediterranean Slipper Lobster, Scyllarides latus, Uses Apatite and Fluor-Apatite to Protect its Sensory Organules. Benthic Ecology. Mar 16-18, 2016. Portland ME.
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    15. Kunkel Joseph G, Melissa Rosa, Brian Tarbox, Sabine Hild, Michael J. Jercinovic, Ali N. Bahadur (2018). Recognizing Incipient Epizootic Shell Disease Lesions in the Carapace of the American Lobster, Homarus americanus, H. Milne Edwards 1837. Bull Mar Sci 94(3)Suppl. Info..
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    17. Joe Kunkel's Lobster Shell Disease Training Website. (2018). Organized in conjunction with NOAA NMFS and Maine DMR.


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