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McCormick Laboratory
Environmental Physiology of Fish

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Curriculum Vitae: Amy (Moeckel) Regish

Amy Regish


2001: M.S. University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Aquatic Toxicology)
1988: B.S. University of Vermont, Burlington (Animal Sciences)

Professional Experience

8/99-Present:     Physiologist  S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center, Turners Falls, MA.  Supervisor,  Dr. Stephen McCormick  

Primary responsibilities include:  maintaining and troubleshooting an in-stream PIT tag reading system, collection and analysis of data, preparation of data for presentations and written reports, laboratory and field sampling of fish blood and tissues, assay development and validation, plasma hormone analysis (cortisol, T3, T4), plasma ion analysis, immunocytochemistry, and field collection of juvenile salmon and adult shad.  In addition, I contribute to lab safety procedures, equipment upkeep, maintaining inventory, training new lab members, and maintenance and care of laboratory fish.

8/99-3/00:    Research Assistant  S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center, Turners Falls, MA.  

Performed hormone analysis (ELISA and RIA formats), plasma ion analysis, histology, microscopy, immunocytochemistry, data collection, processing, and analysis.  This work was primarily with lab reared salmon, but also involves field sampling using electro-fishing techniques and PIT tag technology.
9/95-7/99:    Research Assistant  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Primary duty was to conduct physiological research on fish species employing fish sampling, molecular biology, toxicological methods, biochemical techniques, in situ hybridization, spectrophotometry, and microscopy.  In addition, I was responsible for training several undergraduates in laboratory safety and basic research methods.

2/94-8/95:    Research Technician III  Laboratory of Dr. Edwin G. Krebs, University of Washington, Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology.  Seattle, WA 98195

Primary research project was the cloning and expression of MAPK kinase constructs, in SF-9 insect cells, purification of the expressed proteins, characterization of protein activity and interactions, data analysis, and presentation.  I worked independently and reported weekly to supervisors for discussion of progress, and future direction. 

7/91-1/94:    Research Technician II  Laboratory of Dr. Edwin G. Krebs, University of Washington, Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology.  Seattle, WA

Primary responsibilities included independent design and performance of experimental procedures to evaluate various aspects of cell signaling related to the MAP kinase cascade.  Also provided collaborative efforts and technical support for several post-doctoral researchers studying various aspects of MAP kinase cell signaling cascade.  This involved many protein and enzyme analysis techniques, general lab upkeep, supply maintenance and ordering, submission of written progress reports, and contributions to technical writings and journal submissions. (promoted 1/94 to research technician III).

10/89-2/91:   Senior Research Technician  Repligen Corporation, Protein Therapeutics Group.  One    
Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Primary duty was to develop and employ a purification scheme for a recombinant HTLV1 nuclear regulatory protein, REX.  Once purified, REX was characterized and activity assays were developed.  Monthly progress reports and data presentations were required.

10/88-2/91:   Research Technician  Repligen Corporation, Protein Therapeutics Group.  One    
Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Worked in a multi group collaborative manner to conduct biochemical research, developing purification schemes for various proteins and their characterization for use in pharmaceutical testing.  (Promoted to senior research technician 10/89).

9/84-9/88:    Work Study Student  University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont.  Department of Biochemistry

Supported research efforts of graduate students, senior researchers with varying duties, including monoclonal antibody generation, lab maintenance, animal care and handling, and independent research.

Independent Study

10/85-6/86:   University of Vermont, Burlington. Department of Biochemistry

Evaluated the effects of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) on the condition of blood clotting factor V in the serum of affected patients, employing protein purification, PAGE-SDS electrophoresis and Western Blotting.

International Activities

1999 Technical assistance provided for infant melatonin study, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway


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