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McCormick Laboratory
Environmental Physiology of Fish

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Curriculum Vitae: Tara A. Duffy

Dr. Tara A. Duffy

Postdoctoral Fellow

2010: Ph.D. SoMAS, Stony Brook University (Marine and Atmospheric Sciences)
2004: B.S. University of Dayton (Environmental Biology)
2003: Scottish Association for Marine Science at Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory, Oban, Scotland

Dissertation Research
In my dissertation work, I examined the patterns of local adaptation in a marine fish at a fine spatial scale and identified the genetic mechanisms that contribute to several life history traits. I am interested in the mechanisms of sex determination in fishes and I focused on a species with both genetic and temperature-dependent sex determination. Additionally, I investigated how local adaptation in the form of sex determination mediates the response to environmental endocrine disruptors. I also addressed the mechanisms contributing to differences in intrinsic growth rates among populations of fish over a steep environmental cline and how these mechanisms of growth were altered in response to strong artificial selection.


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