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Microbiology 540: Immunology
See also Immunology Laboratory (Microbiology 542).

Professors Eric Martz and Cynthia Baldwin

Dept Microbiology / Biological Sciences / University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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Other Immunology Textbooks

Answers to 2003 Take-Home Exam

Vocabulary Self-Test at Freeman's Immunology Site

Antibody binding to antigen;
epitopes: discontinuous vs. linear
and denaturation with heat
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1 min 55 sec, 5.4 megabytes.
Six CDR's in the
paratope of antibody;
alignment of hypervariable regions
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Toobers in Science Education
Antibody Structure
MHC Structure
Antibody and MHC in Protein Explorer

General On-Line Immunology Resources

Glossaries of Cancer, Epidemiology, Genetics, Immunology, Medicine, Microbiology, Virology!
Greek Letters: abgd...
Don't remember what "gene locus" or "allele" mean (for Ig and MHC genetics)? Consult the
Microreview of Mammalian Genetics (for Ig and MHC genes)

Photomicrographs of human blood leukocytes
courtesy Sherri Wick, U Nebraska Omaha

Disease Information, Health Topics, and the National Immunization Program at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Communicable Disease Control at the Mass Dept of Public Health.

Anthrax, Smallpox, and Bioterrorism: see Microbiology 397I: Infectious Disease and Defense
Smallpox Vaccination and Adverse Events

Antigenics LLC is doing clinical trials of individualized cancer therapy using tumor heat shock proteins.
Clinical Trials at the National Cancer Institute.

3D Macromolecular Structure
Antibody and MHC are featured in computer graphic tutorials at the Chime Resources section of the RasMol Home Page for Molecular Visualization Freeware.

Immunology Laboratory (Micbio 542), including
Flow Cytometry Exercise and Results: Dot Plots and Histograms
Immunology at UMass
Find other courses and faculty research interests.
p53, a tumor suppressor molecule studied in Barbara Osborne's lab at UMass.
(From 1tup.pdb by Cho et al.)

Immunology Worldwide.
This section of the Immunology at UMass page includes links to societies, organizations, on-line journals, funding agencies, antibody resources, the DNA vaccine web, etc. etc.

Poison Ivy: an exaggerated immune response to nothing much.

Immunology textbooks.