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Data from our earlier grant (NSF Plant Genome Research Program, DBI-0638820), titled "The Evolutionary Genomics of Weedy Rice" can be found at


The raw sequencing reads for the two weeds and two cultivars we sequenced have been placed in the in the NCBI Short-read Archive.  Click on the link of the "Experiment" you want:

Oryza sativa cultivar BHA (BHA weed)   Experiment: SRX278008

Oryza sativa cultivar SH (SH weed)     Experiment: SRX275802  

Oryza sativa cultivar sau2 (aus cultivar)   Experiment: SRX275813  

Oryza sativa cultivar sin9 (indica cultivar)   Experiment:  SRX278073

GBS of Oryza sativa L. complex   Experiment:  SRX576894