Conferences and Workshop Opportuinities

Microbiology Meetings and Conferences

American Society for Microbiology General Meeting
Other ASM Meetings
        The Connecticut Valley Branch of the American Society for Microbiology Meeting
        Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
The Boston Bacterial Meeting
The North Eastern Microbiologists -- Physiology, Ecology and Taxonomy (NEMPET) Meeting
International Symposium on Microbial Ecology
Gordon Research Conferences

Additional Scientific Opportunities

American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting
SACNAS Conference
Geobiology Course at the USC Wrigley Institute
Woods Hole Summer Courses

Professional Development Opportunities

ASM Summer Institute in Preparation for Careers in Microbiology
A Ph.D. Is Not Enough! Events at UMass
An article by Stephen Stearns with advice for graduate students [pdf]
A guide to mentoring from the University of Michigan [pdf]

Other Resources

OIT Thesis Formatting Workshop
Useful Academic Links from Umass Microbiology

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