Meeting Notes

December 1, 2010


Trips Planned:

January 12th (Wednesday)

Broad Institute
Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals
Trips under construction:

Cheese Producers, large and small:
Grafton Village Cheese (Brattleboro, VT) and Upingill Farms (Gill, MA)

Winery: Darcy is working on, and is looking for suggestions of which winery you’d like to go to; she’s had trouble getting people to talk to her; Lucy has suggested several wineries in New Zealand; if interested, please contact her

Brewery: Sam is working on. Will keep you posted

Other ideas: skiing (outing club – ski section gets discounted tickets for different mountain), mushroom / legume farms (Lucy)

ASM: abstracts due week of January 13th; in New Orleans this year May 21st to 24th

Memberships: put in Jenn’s mailbox; forms are in Amy’s mailbox; make check out to John Lopes

Supratim: Webpage update

please email Supratim meeting notes and photos if have; passing the website off to Lucy; make sure get photos and any conference you go to, take photos

Meetings/ Conferences

Have you been somewhere? Are you going somewhere?

Tawanna: Chlamydia Basic Research Conference in CA in March

Jenn and Sam submitted fellowships to the Link Energy Foundation

American Geological Conference is coming up

Food Drive: went well, Darcy and Lucy delivered

Gigi is defending this upcoming Wednesday, Dec 8th

She has an offer from NEB in the OEB conference room (she applied after having learned about it from the trips)

Next semester: faculty job search for medical microbiology position

Tawanna is the student representative; looking for virologist; had great applicants; will be rolled in with next semester seminars (x-ray chrystalographer; E.coli,

Kristen DeAngelais: Enviro faculty will be here Sep 2011

Geosciences may be hiring a new geomicrobiology member, Biochem may also be doing a faculty search as well

Rotations: New rotations start with the new semester; talk to other grad students if you have not decided yet and professors

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December 1, 2010
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