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One of the great challenges of our time is to understand how the most complex tissue in the universe, the human brain, can arise from a single cell, the fertilized... read more

Maggie is a research technician/ lab manager. Her research is focusing on making useful transgenic zebrafish. These transgenic fish are used to report or... read more

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Jason employs a variety of fish models (zebrafish, tilapia and Atlantic salmon) to study how pituitary hormones, most notably prolactin and growth hormone,... read more

Ksenia Tonyushkina is studying development of thyrotropes in the pituitary gland under various conditions modeling prenatal environmental stressors. Defective... read more

Mary Catanese

During a rotation in the Karlstrom lab, Mary Catherine Catanese studied the role that Hedgehog (Hh) signaling plays in the regulation of growth of the post-embryonic... read more

Judy Bennett, B.S., manages the Zebrafish and Cichlid facilities for the Biology Department. She has worked with and managed zebrafish since 2004, but has also worked... read more

Mary McKitrick

Mary McKitrick is examining the behavior of hedgehog responsive cells following injury in the adult zebrafish brain. In the mammalian brain, scar tissue forms within... read more

Kayla Pelland is investigating the role of the pituitary hormone prolactin in directing the development of osmoregulatory tissues in the zebrafish. Prolactin is known... read more

Stefanie Krug is working with Dr. Ksenia Tonyushkina and Tibor Mascari to study the effects of environmental stressors and endocrine disruptors on the development and... read more

I have been an undergraduate student in the Karlstrom Lab for two years and am now working my senior honors thesis research project. I am teamed up with our brilliant... read more

Tibor Mascari is working with Dr. Ksenia Tonyushkina and Stefanie Krug studying the development of thyrotropes in the pituitary gland. A new transgenic... read more

Elana joined the Karlstrom Lab in January 2014. She is an undergraduate earning a dual degree in biology and public health sciences.