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(Click here to see entire symposium from the 2007 ICVM meetings that resulted in these above two publications and more)

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Books under contract
Irschick DJ.  2009.  Animal performance: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach.  Oxford University Press. (Oxford Animal Biology Series).
Target length: 100,000 words, 90 line figures, and 30 halftone illustrations.

Invited book reviews
(1) Irschick DJ.  2002.  An imperfect solution to optimality: Taking the fun out of adaptation.  Ecology  83: 1473-475 (Book review: Adaptationism and Optimality)
(2) Irschick DJ, Vincent S, Buckley C, Lailvaux S.  2003.  Lizard act part II: Making the transition from ecology to behavior. Quarterly Review of Biology.  78:510-511 (Book review: Lizard Social Behavior)
(3) Irschick DJ.  2004.  Doing the locomotion: Animals, movement, and muscles.  Quarterly Review of Biology.  79:89-90 (Book review: Animal Locomotion)
(4) Irschick DJ.  2004.  Counting sheep: Life and death on an island.  Ecology.  85:3179-3180(Book review: Soay sheep: dynamics and selection in an island population)
(5) Irschick DJ.  2006.  Ethics, animals, and nature (Book review: Animal Passions and Beastly Virtues: Reflections on Redecorating Nature). Quarterly Review of Biology.  81:308-309.*Undergraduate, **Graduate student

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