Current Members

Principal Investigator

Duncan is an integrative biologist and innovator interested in the evolution and ecology of animal athletics, and how biological form can inform synthetic design.


Photo of Daniel S. Moen

Darwin Fellow, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology – Daniel applies phylogenetic methods to study the evolution of form, performance, and habitat use in frogs and lizards.

Photo of Terri Orr

Biology – Terri uses anatomical, developmental, and ecological perspectives to understand how reproduction has evolved in bats and other animals

Graduate students

Photo of Casey Gilman holding a Tokay Gecko

Organismic & Evolutionary Biology – Casey is examining the role of ecology and development for influencing evolution of genitalia in lizards.

Photo of Chi-Yun Kuo

Organismic & Evolutionary Biology – Chi-Yun’s thesis examines the ecology and anatomical basis of tail autotomy in various lizard species.